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Beautiful Patonga

Patonga is a small and remote riverside fishing village* occupying a one kilometre long sandy spit projecting from the headland of the Brisbane Water National Park to the north. The spit, at the mouth of the Patonga Creek which feeds into the Hawkesbury River at Broken Bay, forms a beach frontage onto Brisk Bay to the East, and a sandy foreshore on the creek to the West.

From the spectacular drive down into Patonga, during which visitors see glimpses of the town below…to the serenity of Cool Corner…to the expansive view across Brisk Bay to Palm Beach…to the isolation of the heritage cottages at Dark Corner…to the sheer splendour of Patonga Creek and its environs, new visitors will be stunned that a place so special can be so close to Australia's largest city and yet remain virtually unknown.

Patonga is a holiday destination you'll remember from your youth…where beach houses are cottages, where pelicans outnumber seagulls, where the smell of freshly caught fish pervades the village wharf, where climbing a mulberry tree is the best fun your kids have ever had… and where everything is accessible by foot or bike.

Patonga is a village that has changed little over time…come and enjoy…but handle with care!

* since the last of Patonga's two Churches (St. Anthony's Catholic Church at 2 Bay Street) was deconsecrated some time after its last mass in 1994, Patonga no longer has its own church. British custom would dictate that Patonga, at that point, ceased to be a "village", and is technically now a "hamlet" (as pointed out by Jocelyn Maughan of Patonga Bakehouse Gallery).

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Patonga Beach Progress Association

The Patonga Beach Progress Association is headed by its President Dain Simpson (pictured below with residents).
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Petanque at Patonga

The Petanque Court is situated adjacent to Old St. Anthony's Church/Schoolhouse on Eve Williams Memorial Oval. Bring your Petanque/Boules kit, your children, and a picnic lunch and enjoy this quintessential French pastime! The court is available to all, except during competition or team practice.

For more serious players, please contact the Patonga Petanque Club. More information regarding Petanque and the Petanque Club can be found by clicking here.